EHR and Healthcare IT Litigation

Harbor Labs staff provides expert consulting in support of Electronic Health Records (EHR) litigation and healthcare IT. Areas of expertise include:

  • EHR Privacy and Security
  • Code Quality
  • Meaningful Use Eligibility
  • Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS)
  • HIPAA Compliance

  • Harbor Labs has provided litigation support for both state and federal regulatory investigations, typically conducting code reviews and security analyses related to performance liability and federal certification eligibility. With a long-standing corporate resume in the medical security market and an equally strong reputation in the legal and federal justice community, Harbor Labs is able to combine its expertise in healthcare, information security and litigation tor provide clients with an unmatched level of support in EHR and healthcare IT cases.

    Patents, Copyright, and Trade Secrets

    Harbor Labs scientists are renown experts in patent cases involving technological intellectual property, copyrights, and trade secrets. In addition to the staff’s extensive experience as technology consultants, Harbor Labs is also expert in patent law, copyright law and the DMCA. It is this combination of technical and legal expertise that has established Harbor Labs as one of the most sought after expert testimony firms the IT industry.

    Harbor Labs’ litigation talents lie not only in a deep understanding of technology, but in our ability to communicate complicated concepts to a non-technical audience. We have logged thousands of hours describing technology not only to judges, juries and attorneys, but also to legislative bodies and in the popular press. This experience minimizes prep time and allows Harbor Labs to make immediate contributions to the legal teams they work with.

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    Testimony Experience

    While much of Harbor Labs’ testimony experience is confidential and anonymous, the following testimony data is available through public records.

    Areas of litigation expertise:

  • Source code review to analyze a product for infringement or non-infringement of a patent
  • Prior art search that may invalidate a patent
  • Analysis of prior art to determine or refute invalidity
  • Reverse engineering of products for analysis when source code is not available
  • Assisting with claim construction and Markman Hearing preparation and testimony
  • Writing expert reports and assisting with the creation of courtroom demonstrables

  • Our clients include many Fortune 100 companies, and we have worked with the leading law firms, providing consulting services and expert testimony in these areas.


    Our staff includes leading experts in cryptography, and have been conducting research and publishing in this area since 1993. Harbor Labs experts hold several patents in the cryptographic field, and have been called on to testify on many cases involving cryptography patents.

    Fields of Expert Testimony in Cryptography

  • Encryption
  • Digital signatures
  • Authentication
  • Cryptographic schemes for satellite TV protection
  • SSL/TLS, IPsec, SSH and other cryptographic protocols
  • Electronic payment systems
  • Elliptic curve technologies
  • Identity based encryption and attribute based encryption
  • Secure booting and TPM
  • Digital rights management

  • Information Security

    Harbor Labs experts are world leaders in information security. We have chaired the top academic conferences in the field, and publish regularly in the leading conferences and journals.

    Fields of Expert Testimony in Information Security

    Services include:

  • Computer Networking Security
  • Web security
  • Wireless security
  • Security in Storage and Database Systems, including the Cloud
  • E-commerce Security
  • Security in embedded systems
  • Cryptographic systems and protocols
  • Mobile phone security
  • Digital rights management
  • Firewalls and intrusion detection/prevention systems

  • While our focus is information security, we also provide expertise in a broad array of computer science sub-disciplines, including operating systems, networking, and databases.

    Harbor Labs experts have extensive experience with networking and wireless protocols. We have been teaching courses and performing research in these areas for the last twenty years.

    Fields of Expert Testimony in Networking & Wireless IT

    Services include:

  • Routers & Gateways
  • 802.11 protocols
  • Ad hoc wireless protocols
  • TCP/IP, UDP, ARP, Ethernet, ICMP, and other networking protocols
  • Firewalls
  • Network management
  • Network architecture
  • Network forensics

  • We have experience designing network protocols, analyzing networks, and configuring these systems. We have also testified as technical experts in cases involving these technologies.

    Mobile and Cellular

    As phones, tablets and other mobile technologies have driven the explosive growth of the global mobile economy, so have they led to disputes over the intellectual property associated with these devices. Harbor Labs experts have been at the forefront of the development and analysis of mobile protocols and apps, and have established themselves as leading market experts in this field.

    Fields of Expert Testimony in Mobile & Cellular

    Services include:

  • Phone and tablet apps
  • Mobile communication protocols
  • Mobile architectures
  • Applications involving mobile and traditional apps
  • Mobile phone/tablet security

  • Harbor Labs entered this industry in its infancy, and as pioneers in this space can provide expertise and testimony on any aspect of mobile technologies.